Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Terms and Conditions for All Users
  3. Terms and Conditions for Creators
  4. Terms and Conditions for Fans
  5. Limit of liability
  6. Dispute resolution
  1. INTRODUCTION By using HappyFans you agree to the terms explained down below.

These are HappyFans’ terms of use, and they govern each User’s agreement with HappyFans as well as usage of the platform from both, Fans and Creators, points of view. “HappyFans” refers to this platform and the services offered by us. By using HappyFans you agree to these terms and conditions, and to the other policies, we post. For information about our data practices, please see our Privacy Policy, including our Cookie Policy. We can collect and use your information in accordance with those policies.
Please read each policy carefully and let us know if you have any questions. Once again, by using our platform, you agree to our terms and conditions.


  1. we refer to our website as “HappyFans”, including when accessed via the URL;
  2. references to “we”, “our”, “us” are references to Blocknroll LTD, the operator of HappyFans;
  3. “Content” means any material uploaded to HappyFans by any Creator, including but not limited to any photos, videos, audio (for example music and other sounds), Livestream material, data, text (such as comments and hashtags), metadata, images, interactive features, emojis, GIFs, memes, and any other material whatsoever;
  4. “Creator” means a User who has set up their HappyFans account as a Creator account to post Content on HappyFans to be viewed by Fans;
  5. “Fan” means a User who follows a Creator and is able to view the Creator’s Content;
  6. “Fan/Creator Transaction” means any transaction between a Fan and a Creator on HappyFans by which access is granted to the Creator’s Content including in any of the following ways: (i) a Subscription, (ii) payments made by a Fan to connect with a Creator with pay-per-view method, and (iii) use by the Fan of the fan interaction function on a Creator’s account;
  7. “Fan Payment” means any and all payments made by a Fan to a Creator (i) in connection with a Fan/Creator Transaction, or (ii) by way of a tip for a Creator;
  8. “Standard Contract between Fan and Creator” means the terms which govern each Fan/Creator Transaction, which can be found here;
  9. “Subscription” means a Fan’s subscription to a Creator’s account (whether paid or unpaid, and whether for one month or as part of a bundle comprising a subscription for more than one month);
  10. “Terms of Service” (also called “your agreement with us”) means the legally binding agreement between you and us which consists of:
    (i) these Terms of Use for all Users,
    (ii) Terms of Use for Fans,
    (iii) Terms of Use for Creators,
    (iv) Privacy Policy,
    (v) Acceptable Use Policy,
    (vi) Referral Program Terms (soon),
    (vii) Complaints Policy,
    (viii) Community Guidelines;
    (ix) Copyright and trademark policy.
  11. “User” means any user of HappyFans, whether a Creator or a Fan or both (also referred to as “you” or “your”).

About us:

HappyFans is the first social platform based on blockchain, with fast transactions and very low fees that allow unlockable content, donations, and NFT marketplaces for the content creator market, revolutionizing the market. HappyFans are operated by Blocknroll LTD, Quijano Chambers, P.O. Box 3159, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

To contact us with any questions regarding HappyFans, please email our support team at [email protected]

  1. TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR ALL USERS – To use HappyFans you must first register and create a User account on You must provide a valid email address, a username, and a password. Your password should be unique (i.e. different from those you use for other websites) and must comply with the technical requirements of the HappyFans website for the composition of passwords.

However, it is important to mention that Fans have an opportunity to remain anonymous and register or log in only by using NFT or a wallet connection.

To register as a User:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old, and you will be required to confirm this;
  2. If the laws of the country or state/province where you live provide that you can only be legally bound by a contract with us at an age which is higher than 18 years old, then you must be old enough to be legally bound by a contract with us under the laws of the country of State/province where you live; and
  3. You must be permitted by the laws of your residence country to join HappyFans to view any Content available on it and to use any functionality provided by it.
  4. You must provide such other information or verification records as we require.

It is obligatory to meet the requirements that are mentioned above.

Moreover, you have a right to delete your HappyFans account if you wish so. You may do that in the “User Account” section. If you are a Creator, once you perform the ”delete account” procedure, your account will be closed right after the last day of your Fan’s paid Subscription period. That day you will receive your final payment and your account will be deleted permanently.  

It is important to note that we may change any part of the Terms and Conditions without telling you beforehand in the following cases:

a. to implement any regulatory requirements which apply to HappyFans and the services, features, and programs of HappyFans;

b. to address an unforeseen and imminent danger related to defending HappyFans, Fans, or Creators from fraud, malware, spam, data breaches or other cybersecurity risks.

We may also make other changes to any part of the Terms and Conditions, and we will give you reasonable notice of such changes by email or through the website, and you may contact us to end your agreement with us before the changes take effect. Once any updated Terms and Conditions are in force, you will be obligated to comply with them if you continue to use HappyFans.


To become a creator, simply launch your account on HappyFans website to start your membership. You can use creator tools that HappyFans platform provides, showcase your creations, give your Fans unique benefits they want (e.g., additional access, exclusivity, merchandise, etc.), and receive recurring revenue from your page. You, a Creator, will receive loyal support from your Fans and recurring revenue in cryptocurrency.

Payments and fees:

As a creator, you make your membership available on HappyFans, and we provide membership to your Fans on a subscription basis or we let your Fans contact you using the pay-per-view method (including exclusive posts, NFTs, tips, private chat one-on-one).

Only cryptocurrency is used to support the Creators. Such transactions are performed by a third party that commits to protect both, Creator’s and Fan’s, data and is obliged not to reveal any data to other parties. All the information regarding staking can be found on the HappyFans website in the section “Staking”.

The official native token name is “HAPPY”, a utility token that will perform on the platform. In the platform there will be a 10% discount on every transaction made with HAPPY, the Creators must consider that. 

It is possible for Creators and Fans to add many tokens wallet, however a HAPPY is mandatory for everyone. Thus, it is not possible to set up a wallet without at least one HAPPY address. 

Fees differ depending on whether the performed payments are made in HAPPY or not. 

If the performed payment is not in HAPPY token:

  1. 80% goes to the Creator;
  2. 7,5% goes to our company;
  3. 10% buying-back HAPPY;
  4. 2.5% our company / referral  

If payments are performed in HAPPY:

  1. 90% goes to the Creator;
  2. 5% goes to our company ;
  3. 2.5% goes to holders reward or referral;
  4. 2.5% burned.

However, we reserve the right to change the above-mentioned fees anytime. In such a case, each User will be informed accordingly. 

Tax compliance and VAT

We kindly recommend that each Creator seek professional advice to ensure one is compliant with one’s local Tax and VAT rules, based on your individual circumstances.

By using HappyFans as a Creator, you legally promise that you have reported and will report in the future the receipt of all payments made to you in connection with your use of HappyFans to the relevant Tax authority in your jurisdiction, as required by law.

By using HappyFans as a Creator you legally promise that you will at all times comply with all laws and regulations relating to Tax that apply to you. If, at any point whilst you have an account in our platform, any Tax non-compliance occurs in relation to you (including a failure by you to report earnings or the imposition on you of any penalty or interest relating to Tax) or if any litigation, inquiry, or investigation is commenced against you that is in connection with, or which may lead to, any occurrence of Tax non-compliance, you agree that you will:

    1. notify us by email to [email protected] in writing within 7 days of the occurrence of the Tax non-compliance or the commencement of the litigation, inquiry or investigation (as applicable); and
    2. promptly provide us by email to [email protected] with:
  1. details of the steps which you are taking to address the occurrence of the Tax non-compliance and to prevent the same from happening again, together with any mitigating factors that you consider relevant; and
  2. such other information in relation to the occurrence of the Tax non-compliance as we may reasonably require.

For the avoidance of doubt, you are responsible for your own tax affairs and we are not responsible for advising you on your Tax affairs and will not be liable in respect of any general information provided on HappyFans or by [email protected] in respect of Tax, and we will not be liable for any non-payment of Tax by any Creators.

We reserve the right to close your HappyFans account if we are notified of or become aware of any Tax non-compliance by you.

Intellectual Property:

The Creator keeps full ownership of all creations that one offers on HappyFans, but HappyFans need licenses from the Creator to operate effectively. By posting creations on HappyFans platform you grant HappyFans a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, sublicensable, worldwide license to use, reproduce, distribute, perform, publicly display or prepare derivative works of Creator’s creation. The purpose of this license is strictly limited to allowing HappyFans to provide and promote memberships to Creator’s Fans. We will never try to steal Creator’s work or use it in an exploitative way. The creator is not allowed to post any creations, artwork that infringe others’ intellectual property or proprietary rights.


Fans are permitted to remain anonymous. Thus, it is possible for a Fan to register or log in simply using an NFT or a wallet connection. HappyFans as well as the third party providing transaction service commits to protect any data received from the Fan. 

All the information regarding staking can be found on the HappyFans website in the section “Staking”.

Fans are not permitted to use any creations posted by Creators in any way not authorized by the Creator himself.

  1. LIMIT OF LIABILITY under the law, we are not liable to you for any incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of these terms, or Creator’s or Fan’s use or attempted use of HappyFans. HappyFans liability for damages is limited to the amount of money we have earned through your use of our website. We are not responsible for losses associated with unfulfilled benefits and losses caused by conflicting contractual agreements. For this clause “we” and “our” are defined to include our directors, employees, and third-party service providers.

In case of any arisen issues, Creator or Fan is welcome to contact HappyFans via the above-mentioned contacts. However, if a dispute arises out of these terms, then the dispute will be resolved in the BVI Courts. Both parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the BVI courts for the purpose of resolving any such dispute. BVI law, excluding its conflict of law provisions, governs these terms, as well as all the other HappyFans policies, and any dispute that arises between the Creator/Fan and HappyFans.