A subscription-based network built on the blockchain

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You can get paid with FIAT or Cryptos, you decide!

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In the digital market, content creators are now seen as
real celebrities and influencers. Our platform welcomes gamers, crypto experts, singers, dancers and so on…

This is a great opportunity for creators and for the users that want to buy their product. 

Get paid in FIAT or Cryptos!

You can’t find online platforms for Influencers and Fans where you can pay or get paid using both cryptocurrencies and fiat.


The revolution is coming

The solution is HappyFans

Advantages and benefits

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Instant rewards for content creators

No need for centralized and time waster payment solutions, with our technology you can pay using any cryptocurrency or with native token $HAPPY.

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Lowest fees ever, forever

Platform fees will be redistributed and burned.

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Mind-blowing creator referral

Get passive income by bringing creators and users on the platform. Our referral program is lifetime!

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Earn with the NFT marketplace

Just 1 click to generate an NFT and our creators can sell it on our marketplace with a 100% targeted audience.

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Earning money by referrals

Our referral program is one of the best you can find online. Invite creators and get $HAPPY.

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Earning money by holding a deflationary token

Become HAPPY when on every transaction 2.5% is burnt meaning more value on the token. Buy $HAPPY, our deflationary token.

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Earning money by holding $HAPPY

We are very keen on growth. Our token will be pushed up by our creators and fans.

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Become HAPPY with a discount price

Use our native Token $HAPPY to get a fee discount on the platform!

You can be anonymous


Listings and exchanges

You can now buy $HAPPY token

Buy $HAPPY token from our website

Buy $HAPPY token on Pancakeswap

Buy $HAPPY token on Uniswap