Using Metamask

To install MetaMask visit the official link: Dowload MetaMask Install on PC:
  1. Click on Install MetaMask for Browser  
  2. Your browser will redirect you to the extension store
  3. Click on the upper right button to add the extension
  4. A pop-up will open in which you will click on Add extension
The MetaMask extension is now added to your browser and you will find it on the upper right corner with the others. Install on mobile:
  1. Click on Install MetaMask for <iOS/Android>  
  2. Your device will redirect you to the application store
  3. Download the official MetaMask application
MetaMask is now installed and available on your device.
If you haven’t yet installed MetaMask consult the guide: Install MetaMask on your device. Once you’ve installed MetaMask complete the following steps to create your Wallet:
  1. On the welcome page click on Get Started
  2. Click on Create a Wallet
  3. Choose and confirm the password for your account
  4. Accept the terms and conditions then click on Create
MetaMask will show you your new Wallet Seed Phrase. You will have to keep track of it because you will have to use it in the next step and it’s the only way to recover your Wallet.
  1. After revealing the Seed Phrase click on Next
  2. Re-enter in the right order you Seed Phrase words and click on Confirm
  3. Complete the procedure by clicking on All Done
Here is what your newly configured Wallet looks like:


If you haven’t yet installed MetaMask consult the guide: Install MetaMask on your device. To configure a Blockchain network on MetaMask complete the following steps:
  1. Click on the section Network
  2. In the network pop-up click on Add Network Add_network.jpg
On the next screen you will have to insert the Blockchain parameters you wish add to your MetaMask. For the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Blockchain the parameters are the following: Add_network2.jpg The newly configured Blockchain is now available to be selected in Network.
To add the $HAPPY token to your MetaMask Wallet compete the following steps:
  1. Unlock your MetaMask Wallet
  2. Copy the address of our $HAPPY token contract:0xF5d8A096CcCb31b9D7bcE5afE812BE23e3D4690d  
  3. Click on Import tokens
  4. Paste the address of $HAPPY token contract into Token Contract Address
  5. Click on Add custom Token
Completed the procedure the $HAPPY token will be added to your Wallet.