Content guide

Exploring content for Fans and Follower

Every time something happens for which you have configured a in-app notification in the Notifications Settings you will find next to the icon mceclip0.png the number of unread notification. By clicking the icon a pop-up list of the content will appear. You can then:
  • Frame_734.png View all notifications
  • Frame_736.png View all unread notifications
  • Vector-2.png Vector-2.png Vector-2.png Open the notification menu
If you can’t find the notification you are looking for click on See All and an interface with all notification will appear. TIPOLOGIE_DI_NOTIFICHE_2.png
To find a Creator on our platform, take the following steps:
  1. Click on the search box Medium.png on the upper part of the interface
  2. Insert the name of the Creator you wish to find
A popup list of suggested Creators will appear. If you still cannot find the Creator you’re looking for, click on name (results) to view the complete list. SEARCH_2.png In the search interface that opens you will be able to:
  • View the complete list of suggested Creators
  • Click on one of the suggested Creators
  • Filter Creators by category by ticking the desired box
On our platform, users can interact with contents published by Creators on their channels. Some are public and visible to all users on the platform, while other are private. To unlock private content by a Creator you must subscribe to their channel either for free (Subscription Free), or by paying (Paid membership & Bundle); the Creator then decides which content is free and which isn’t. Creators will also be able to create Premium Post that can be purchased individually, visible only to those who purchase them and excluded from subscription profiles. You can also interact with content in the following ways:
  • Like a post Union.png
  • Comment a post Union.png
  • Like and answer to comments
  • Share links from posts
  • Save posts to favourites Bookmark.png
  • Send donations
Your interactions are summarized in the section: Activities Monitoring.