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How to earn money as a creator?

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Earning money by creating content

Add your photos or videos and get paid by your fans. You can also produce premium posts and create private paid chats.

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Earn with the NFT marketplace

Just 1 click to generate an NFT and our creators can sell it on our marketplace with a 100% targeted audience.

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Earning money by holding a deflationary token

Become HAPPY when on every transaction 2.5% is burnt meaning more value on the token. Buy $HAPPY, our deflationary token.

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Earning money by referrals

Invite creators and get rewarded in $HAPPY. Get passive income by bringing creators and users on the platform. Our referral program is lifetime!

Get paid with crypto

On your HappyFans profile, you can set up many wallets and get paid with your preferred cryptocurrency. It’s not too late to join the creator economy.