General information about HappyFans

HappyFans is the first social media platform made for Creators that integrates Blockchain technology. The use of this technology has allowed the implementation of a series of innovative functionalities, rapid transactions and low cost commissions for all of its users. The use of Cryptocurrencies as a payment method guarantees  increased privacy and incensurability for Creators, Followers an Fans. For this purpose, the HappyFans team worked hard to create the $HAPPY Token, a deflationary Token that implements a reward based system for all of its owners (holders). With special attention focused on privacy, our application utilizes an innovative login system for Followers and Fans which includes the used of NFT (Non-Fungible Token). This allows our users to do away with inserting and giving out any information (such as email and password), guaranteeing complete anonymity. HappyFans also supports a referral system made for Creators which integrates the $HAPPY Token. Every transactions made in favor of the invited Creator gives a cut of the $HAPPY Token to the inviting Creator.
On HappyFans the Creators are the content makers that publish and post on their social media channels, some of which are public (visible to all users) and some are private and premium (visible only by their own Fans). Everything that is published can be monetized by:
  • Associating content to an NFT and its sale as such, through a marketplace that utilizes an auction based system
  • Creating exclusive contents for subscribing Fans
  • Direct donations from Fans and Followers
  • A private chat for Fans in which publishes exclusive content

Everyone on HappyFans can follow Creators by becoming their Followers.

Followers can see all the public content published on the Creators’ channels and support them with likes and comments. 

On HappyFans, Fans are those who subscribe to Creators private content. Fans can also give economic support to Creators by:
  • Purchasing unique, one of a kind collectible content associated to NFT
  • Direct donations through Cryptocurrencies
  • Using a direct messaging system which allows the exchange of private messages and premium content with Creators
  • Purchasing premium posts published on Creators channels